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Third-Party Medical Billing, Why Do I Need This Service?


Overall practice management is time-consuming and critical to the success of your business.  A major component of practice management is the coding, billing and follow-up on the claims for the services you render and the resources required to turn the receivable.  These resources include office staff, software, training, office space and general overhead, such as supplies.  Third Party Medical Billers reduce the resource burden by providing everything required for a service fee.  Instead of hiring and training staff, buying and maintaining software, and paying rent on non-income producing space, the doctor is unencumbered by these consuming tasks and is able to focus on providing the best possible care to the patients who have come to trust in that care. 


Why choose D & G Billing Associates?


We are a group of highly skilled, certified coding professionals who are focused on providing each client with the utmost in excellent service and the shortest possible receivables turnover.  Each claim we receive is reviewed for accuracy in coding and is processed within 24 hours of receipt.  We take ownership of the claim and are relentless in our pursuit of payment on your behalf.  Follow-up is a daily function that insures that your claim is adjudicated in the shortest amount of time possible.  Our goal is adjudication in as little as 15 days.